Zoom Amsterdam’s Executive Briefing Centre – BirdDog

Zoom Amsterdam’s Executive Briefing Centre

Zoom Amsterdam has transformed its fifth floor into an Executive Briefing Centre (EBC), a state-of-the-art demonstration space that showcases the latest innovations in remote work technology. The centre is designed to give customers a hands-on experience with Zoom’s technology, allowing them to see firsthand how they can work more efficiently and effectively from anywhere in the world. 

At the heart of the EBC are BirdDog P100 Cameras.  

“We analysed different options and realized that the BirdDog P100 PTZ camera was the best option. Overall, I can say we are really happy with the P100 camera,” said Julian Planells, Production Specialist at Zoom Amsterdam.  

The demo centre is equipped with five different spaces, including a large conference room, meeting room and classrooms. Each space is equipped with different cameras, allowing customers to see the full range of options available to them. The six BirdDog cameras are powered by PoE and controlled using the powerful BirdDog Cam Control software which allows remote access to all camera functions. 

The demo centre offers a 40-minute Experience Zoom tour, which guides customers through each space and demonstrates the capabilities of the technology.

“Because we do this tour maybe three or four times a day, we need the technology to be flexible, simple, and really stable,”  

“With the possibility of the technology that the BirdDog cameras offers us, we can use the best product, not only for us, but also for the client, and our colleagues.” 

The demo centre not only showcases the technology, but it also demonstrates the importance of teamwork in today’s remote work environment. The EBC is designed to show how people can still feel connected, even when working from a different location.  

“We are trying to showcase how the technology has been evolved and how people can now work remotely from where they are, and still feel part of the team,” explained Abeka Abdallah, EBCProducer at Zoom Amsterdam. 


Zoom Amsterdam’s EBC is a testament to the power of technology and teamwork, and we are happy that the BirdDog P100 camera and Cam Control software is an integral part of the centre. 

Equipment used at Zoom’s Executive Briefing Centre :

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