Get ready to revolutionize your content creation experience
with X1 and X1 Ultra – PTZs like no other.

Experience category-defining smooth, controllable movement and stunning image quality with X1 and X1 Ultra, with Halo Tally and AI Tracking for pure live production magic.

Say hello to seamless connectivity with NDI® | HX3 and Wi-Fi, ensuring you stay at the cutting edge of technological excellence.

And here’s the showstopper: an industry-first e-ink display that not only tells you everything you need to know, but stays brilliantly visible even when the camera is off!

One more thing… X1 and X1 Ultra decode NDI® | HX2 / NDI® | HX3 at the same time! Say goodbye to guesswork with confidence monitoring or teleprompting output directly from your camera.

Elevate your creativity, embrace innovation, and let the excitement unfold with X1 and X1 Ultra.

Shipping April 2024.

Tally Light. It’s a halo Effect.

Professional results need professional tools. X1 and X1 Ultra sport the most visible and effective Tally system available. Up front with a large, daylight visible border, and out back with an interchangeable, illuminated numbering system. Your cast and crew will always know where to look to keep your audience engaged and your look polished.

AI Tracking. We welcome our AI overlords.

Every production could use a little help from a friend. The X1 and X1 Ultra keep your subject in focus with AI tracking technology, intelligently following your subject’s movements in real-time. Whether you’re orchestrating a live event, capturing spontaneous moments in a hybrid environment, or hunting down sports action, AI tracking helps you get well framed – without needing an octopus to run the controller.

NDI® | HX3.
Enhanced Reliability on More Networks.

The X1 and X1 Ultra deliver superior network performance via NDI® | HX3 integration. You get significantly reduced network impact and excellent image quality, meaning its more friendly in more network environments. BirdDog’s NDI® | HX3 delivers quality and performance you can count on.

Integrated NDI® | HX Decoder.
Let’s hook up.

The X1 and X1 Ultra are the world’s first PTZ cameras featuring an NDI® | HX* Decoder designed specifically for confidence monitoring, return feeds, or teleprompter usage. We’ve pulled all this connectivity into a single cable, radically simplifying how you interface with your equipment. Less gear. Less hassle. Whether you’re broadcasting live or delivering a CEO address, the integrated NDI HX decoder enables more brilliance with less setup.

*NDI® | HX2 and NDI® | HX3 supported

Wi-Fi. Connected but not connected.

No need to use cables to capture every shot. On top of regular ethernet with PoE, X1 and X1 Ultra have built-in Wi-Fi functionality. Easily capture shots from spots where it’s hard to run cable, seamlessly integrating into any environment. Your set up just became a whole lot more flexible.

E-Ink Label. Get Inked.

The always-on e-Ink label on the X1 and X1 Ultra are game-changers. From network addresses for easy access to controls, this cool feature ensures that your set-up is clear and each camera easily identifiable even when the power is off.

Colour Matrix.

Dialling in your camera colours just got levelled up. X1 and X1 Ultra have a full colour matrix with individual saturation control over Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow and Magenta, all with 64 levels of control.

NDI® PTZ Control for iPad and iPhone.

Take full control of your BirdDog camera, all from a super-easy to use iPad/iPhone app. Pan, Tilt, Zoom, save and recall pre-set PTZ positions, preview your cameras in full screen, and access all the colour matrix tools and settings for your BirdDog camera.

Click here for more information.

Advanced features in BirdUI. 

BirdUI gives complete access to every function of your X1 and X1 Ultra, all within a beautiful and intuitive interface. As a browser-based application, it can be accessed from anywhere on the same network as the X1 and X1 Ultra.
BirdUI adds features including a dashboard for monitoring the camera and light/dark modes to suit your production environment.


Advanced Features.

5 Year Warranty.

BirdDog P-series and X-series cameras feature a 5 year, global warranty. BirdDog prides itself on delivering the best possible products to customers, but if something was to go wrong,  you can rest assured knowing that no matter where in the world you are, BirdDog has your back.

5 Year Warranty is exclusive to units purchased after March 1st, 2023. All the prior purchases are covered by the default 2 Year Warranty. Read more here.

Free Software Tools.

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