Turn your Android TV into an NDI TV.

NDI TV Monitor is an app that turns your Android enabled TV into an NDI Monitor.

Use your remote to browse NDI® sources which appear automatically on your TV equipped with Android directly, or via Chromecast with Google TV device.

NDI TV Monitor is free to receive and view direct BirdDog sources, with in-app purchase options for other NDI® sources.

Automatic NDI® Source Detection.

NDI TV Monitor scans your network for NDI® sources which populate into the app automatically.

Change Sources.

Use the channel up/down buttons on your TV remote to change NDI® sources.

Control NDI® PTZ Cameras.

Use the up/down/left/right arrows on your TV remote to control NDI PTZ cameras.

View Stats.

See all the relevant information you need about the NDI source such as frame rate, resolution, etc.

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