Enhancing Educational Environments with Video.

In today’s digital age, video has become an increasingly essential tool for educational facilities. With the rise of distance learning and the need for flexible and engaging educational experiences, video has emerged as a powerful medium for delivering educational content to a wider audience. Educational facilities can leverage video to enhance their online presence, facilitate remote learning, and broadcast special events, sports, and ceremonies to a global audience. Video offers a range of benefits for educational institutions, from increasing student engagement and retention to expanding their reach and attracting new students.

P4K at The Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and Performance.

Chris Cody (Senior Performance and Technical Co-Ordinator at Monash University) sits down with BirdDog to explain how BirdDog P4K cameras, and converters are used at the music and performance school, to create a future-proof and high-quality production environment.

Harvard Athletics.

Imry Halevi, Assistant Athletic Director of Multimedia and Production at Harvard Athletics talks about how BirdDog cameras and converters help the Multimedia and Production department broadcast 42 Division one teams over 300 games a year.


of institutions report that their teachers incorporate
videos into their classroom curriculum.

Lecture Capture.

Lecture capture systems have become a popular technology solution in educational facilities, offering a range of benefits for both students and faculty. These systems allow students to review class materials on their own schedule, improving retention and understanding of course content. They also provide faculty with the ability to create a repository of valuable course materials that can be shared with colleagues or reused in future semesters. Advanced PTZ cameras are a critical component in producing high-quality video footage for lecture capture systems.

With PTZ cameras, educational facilities can capture dynamic and engaging footage of lectures and presentations, while also offering a range of advanced features such as auto-tracking and remote control. These features allow for a seamless and professional-grade lecture capture experience for students and faculty, regardless of the classroom setup. Whether you are looking to capture lectures for distance learning or create a repository of course materials for future use, advanced PTZ cameras can help enhance the educational experience and improve learning outcomes.

Lecture Capture Systems.

BirdDog is compatible with a broad range of lecture capture systems.


of teachers see video playing a critical
role in their student’s learning. 

Distance Learning.

Video streaming technology has emerged as a powerful tool for educational institutions looking to enhance the distance learning experience. With video streaming, remote students can participate in lectures and presentations in real-time, providing them with a more immersive and engaging learning experience. Furthermore, video streaming enables educational institutions to reach a wider audience, expanding their reach and attracting students from all over the world.

Advanced video streaming solutions offer a range of features that can help elevate the distance learning experience. For example, auto-tracking technology allows cameras to follow the instructor as they move around the classroom, providing remote students with a more engaging and dynamic viewing experience. Additionally, the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom cameras remotely can enable instructors to focus on specific parts of the classroom or presentation, making it easier for remote students to follow along and engage with the material.

Live Sports Productions.

Live sports productions are an exciting and essential aspect of high school and university sports programs. With the rise of digital media and online streaming platforms, the demand for high-quality live sports broadcasts has grown significantly. Advanced camera technology is a critical component in producing engaging and immersive live sports productions, offering fans a more dynamic viewing experience and increasing the overall value of sports programs.

High schools and universities can benefit greatly from using advanced camera technology in their live sports productions. With high-quality PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras, operators can capture dynamic footage of the action on the field or court, providing fans with a more engaging and immersive viewing experience. Additionally, PTZ cameras can be remotely controlled, allowing operators to adjust the camera angles and capture shots from multiple perspectives, further enhancing the viewing experience.

Unrivalled Compatibility.

When buying video gear you want to make sure it’s compatible with the widest range of gear on the market. As all BirdDog cameras offer NDI and Baseband SDI and/or HDMI there are no cameras available that are compatible with a wider range of products including:

Workflow Examples

Simply connect your P240 to your existing GigE switched network and deliver full-HD images with crystal clear, balanced audio to your remote presentation. The bi-directional nature of NDI means that, as stunning images and audio are busy leaving your camera, the SAME network cable can be used to provide powerful control, as well as power, TO your cameras. Use our free Cam Control software to remotely dial exactly the look you want using comprehensive color and exposure, and noise reduction tools. Fully adjustable facial and body recognition offers reliable, automatic tracking of your talent – perfect for broadcast studios, lecturer/teacher applications, house of worship, or any time the onair talent is moving. For more complex camera movement, the BirdDog PTZ Keyboard provides low-latency pan, tilt and zoom control of your P240. Easily decode your NDI back to HDMI for final display using our compact PLAY converters. Featuring comprehensive control support via RESTful API, Crestron, Zoom API or Q- SYS API, PLAY ensures the most professional presentation experience.

The incredibly flexible feature set of the P240 makes it an ideal camera for video podcasting. The superb low-light capability of the full-HD Sony sensor means you won’t have to spend a fortune on lighting to have your presenters look amazing. Plug your microphone directly into the phantom powered, balanced XLR connection to maintain pristine audio quality. Clearly visible camera Tally lights ensure that your presenters always know when they are on-air. Once connected to your existing PoE+ GigE network, the magic of NDI does the rest! The single cable Ethernet connection not only powers your camera but also provides you with complete remote control. Use our free Cam Control software to dial exactly the look you want using comprehensive color, exposure and noise reduction tools. If you have moving on-air talent, Cam Control has you covered with adjustable facial and body tracking. For more comprehensive pan, tilt and zoom control of your P240, simply add the BirdDog PTZ Keyboard. With the easy addition of OBS Studio or Wirecast software, your networked environment is now a powerful and flexible video podcast studio!

One of the powerful features of the P240 is the ability to simultaneously output video in NDI®, HDMI and 3G-SDI formats. This allows you to seamlessly slot your P240 into your SDI environment while still enjoying all the benefits that networked NDI video provides. While your SDI video is happily on its way to your broadcast infrastructure, NDI video can be separately processed and piped to anywhere you need it. Which means anywere on your network or anywhere you can run a single Ethernet cable! Simply add compact BirdDog PLAY converters and decode back to HDMI for easy display. Add BirdDog Multiview Pro software for professional multiview monitoring on a single display. Use our free Cam Control software to dial a completely different look for the NDI video using comprehensive color, exposure and noise reduction tools. The BirdDog PTZ Keyboard provides remote low-latency pan, tilt and zoom control of your cameras as well as Quick Access buttons and Preset recall of camera Exposure, Shutter Speed, Iris, Compensation, White Balance, Focus, PT Speed and Zoom Speed.

Sometimes less IS really more! BirdDog and NDI® make single cable connectivity a reality. Your camera placement no longer needs to be dictated by power or control access requirements. Now you can mount your P240s exactly where needed from the best production standpoint. A single Ethernet cable is all you need to receive full-HD images and pristine audio FROM your camera, as well as send control, and power, TO your camera. Use our free Cam Control software to dial exactly the look you want using comprehensive color, exposure and noise reduction tools. For productions featuring a single, moving presenter, Cam Control also helps you out with adjustable facial and body tracking. Need more manual control? The BirdDog PTZ Keyboard gives you lowlatency pan, tilt and zoom control of your cameras, as well as Preset recall of camera Exposure, Shutter Speed, Iris, Compensation, White Balance, Focus and Zoom Speed Add BirdDog Multiview Pro software for professional multiview monitoring on a single display, and team Central 2.0 with our compact PLAY converters to direct any number of your NDI® sources, to any number of display destinations.

BirdDog Together.

BirdDog is pleased to offer free Central Pro and Comms Pro worth $598 to all our Educational, House of Worship, and Not for Profit customers.

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Free Software Tools.

Cam Control.

Cam Control allows easy access to all settings of all the BirdDog cameras on your network. Get the look you want on the full screen output monitor and then copy across multiple cameras to colour match in seconds.

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Central 2.0 Lite.

Central 2.0 ushers in a new era of NDI® routing control. Browser-based with SSO support, smart grouping of NDI® receivers, real-time NDI® routing, media playback engine, and support for thousands of sources, Central 2.0 is your ultimate NDI® management tool.

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Comms Lite.

Comms Lite is your free Audio Intercom solution. With support for four BirdDog devices, plus a director, Comms Lite is a great way to start using Audio Intercom in your live productions.

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