Silicon 2. Unrivalled Format Support. Globally Connected Workflows.

Silicon 2 is a free update for all BirdDog cameras, all 4K Pro converters, Flex IN, and Flex Backpack delivering unparalleled format support and never seen before workflow opportunities. For free.

The usual suspects are all in there – NDI®, NDI®|HX2, NDI®|HX3, SRT, h.264, HEVC/h.265, RTMP, RTSP, plus we’ve added some additional magic to create globally connected workflows without any need for computers. That’s right we’ve built Cloud Connect directly into the hardware so you can send directly from any of the supported hardware to another piece of supported hardware with no computers required.

All this makes Silicon 2 more flexible than your yoga teacher.

Silicon 2 will be available for all cameras as a free update. Coming soon.

Global Connections. No Computers.

When combined with Cloud Connect, Silicon 2 allows for globally connected devices without the need for any computers, opening up a whole new world of workflow possibilities. Connect a BirdDog PTZ Studio in London to a Master Control room in New York City whilst monitoring in Melbourne and Paris simultaneously.

All totally secure, totally reliable, and with super-low latency.

Cloud Connect is a series of applications so you can also monitor a Silicon 2 activated BirdDog Camera or Converter on any iOS, Apple TV, Android Mobile, Android TV, and even Samsung Tizen. All without any computers. Click here for more information on Cloud Connect.

 And that’s just the start of what’s possible…

Unrivalled Format Support.

Silicon 2 Feature 4K FLEX IN/BP HD Cameras 4K Cameras 4K Family
NDI | HX2 Encode
NDI | HX2 Decode
NDI | HX3 Encode
NDI | HX3 Decode
SRT Encode
SRT Decode
h.264 Encode
h.264 Decode
HEVC / h.265 Encode
HEVC / h.265 Decode
RTMP Encode
RTMP Decode
RTSP Encode
RTSP Decode
Cloud Connect
Cloud Native
10-bit 4:2:2
Max. Resolution (High Efficiency Mode) 1080p 1080p 1080p 4K
Max. Resolution (Full NDI) 4K 1080p 4K 4K

FPGA Implementation. Better. Faster.

Silicon 2 is implemented into BirdDog’s custom IP core making for the fastest possible NDI processing.
Including NDI|HX3 in both Encode and Decode modes.

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