Visual NDI® network performance monitoring.

DYNO is a window into your NDI® network performance. Test your network speed, performance, and stability with a single NDI stream or multiple streams. Now you can be confident your network can deliver rock solid NDI® streams to your hardware and software receivers. All in a beautiful interface.

100% FREE.

DYNO is as free as a Bird(Dog). Just fill in the form below and receive an email with a link to download.

Speed. Scale. Reliability. Test Everything.

Speed Test.

Test a single point to point NDI® source to ensure constant frame rates and those frames are being received smoothly and predictably.

Scale Test.

Monitor a single source delivering multiple NDI® streams. This will show you how many streams of NDI® any given source is able to deliver across current network infrastructure to your receiving computer.

Reliability Test.

Check your computer and networking infrastructure is able to reliably receive video frames from all NDI® sources simultaneously. Ensure frame rates are maintained and the pace of these frames is delivered predictably.

Dyno is the network analysis tool you need to see if life NDI® can, uh, find a way.

Pretty graphs. Powerful engine.

Dyno lays all that data out in easy to use and understand graphs. Visually monitor up to 8 resolution independent NDI streams and dynamically toggle on/off any the streams you wish Dyno to display. Switch between Raw or Average data display, or overlay Raw and Average simultaneously.

Visual NDI Analysis.

The free NDI Analysis tool (available from is an amazing test application that can report anomalies on an NDI source. With Dyno you can now monitor these test results in a beautiful graphical interface in NDI Analysis mode. All you need to do is ensure you have the free tools loaded on your computer and Dyno does the rest automatically.

NDI Source list.

View all NDI sources on your network including IP address, resolution and frame rate, and source name. When included in a multiple source test run, Dyno will display performance characteristics of each source.

Confidence Monitor.

Dyno has a monitor built in for viewing the NDI video source so you can watch graphs and video while Dyno does its thing. If you are testing multiple NDI sources you can switch between them without having to leave the Dyno interface.

System Information.

Monitor in real-time your CPU processing capabilities when receiving multiple NDI sources to ensure your receiving computer has the capacity and reliability to match your expectations.

Display current network status for every network adapter in your system including current link speed, IP Address, network adapter type, and driver.

Verify the Windows build you are running, current system uptime, system name, and graphics card model. Dyno even reports important CPU capabilities being present such as SSE, SSSE, AVX, and more.

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