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BirdDog, NDI, and Resolume Arena for Live Events

Carlos Vives is one of the best-selling Latin music artists of all time, selling over 30 million records worldwide. Regarded as one of the world’s most influential artists, hehas collaborated with many artists, including Ricky Martin, Camilo, Shakira, Maluma and Black Eyed Peas. He has won 2 Grammy awards, 16 Latin Grammys, and was inducted into the Billboard Latin Hall of Fame in 2020.

Melissa Gordillo, Vives’ touring VJ, shared a behind the scenes look at the technology she uses to create the onstage visuals for Vives’ “Después De Todo VIVES” 2023 tour. The shows use a network of 8 BirdDog PF120 NDI enabled cameras, together with Novastar video processors and Resolume Arena media server software, all connected via a Netgear M4250 network switching.


“PF120 works very well for us on stage because the picture quality is amazing!”

The NDI (Network Device Interface) protocol provides low-latency video and audio transmission over standard Ethernet networks, and Gordillo uses the technology to streamline the process of managing and mixing the visual content. NDI is used for most of the video pipeline – each BirdDog camera sends its video to the switch via standard Ethernet cable (which also provides PoE power to the camera) resulting in a convenient single-cable connection. Resolume then receives the NDI camera output and, after processing, sends the NDI video to the Novastar video processor which feeds the giant IMAG LED screens via optical fibre cabling.

The network also uses a router to provide additional WiFi coverage that allows Gordillo the flexibility to view the camera output on any device she chooses – laptop, tablet, or even her phone.

A key ingredient of the shows is the powerful Resolume application that is used for all aspects of the visual production – from initial adjustment of camera position, zoom and focus during sound check, right through to comprehensive real-time mixing and manipulation of the visual content in during the concert.

Gordillo found that the combination of NDI technology together with BirdDog’s low-latency NDI cameras, Resolume, and Netgear switching has played a crucial role in the success of thetour and has allowed her to focus on delivering the best possible concert experience.


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