Hello World. Come PLAY.

Meet PLAY, the newest and smallest HD & 4K NDI® Player with full support for NDI® 5. Now connections are a breeze, simply connect PLAY to your NDI® network, plug it into your TV via HDMI, and use your own remote to browse sources and instantly connect.

New Firmware 1.0.30 Now Available.

Now with Cloud Connect and SRT Support.

NDI® 5.

PLAY supports all the new NDI® 5 functions including high bandwidth NDI, NDI® HX2 and HX3. Learn more about all the amazing features of NDI 5 here.

Tiny footprint.

Play measures just 85mm x 85mm x 19mm and only weighs 97grams.

Incredible API support.

RESTful API, Crestron control module, Zoom API, Q-SYS API. You name it, PLAY supports it.

4K UHD. HDMI 2.0

Receive NDI® in resolutions all the way up to UHD60p*.

*Full NDI® max 1080p60, NDI®|HX max UHD60p

USB Power.

PLAY is powered by standard USB-C for maximum flexibility.

Magnetic Base. Non-slip grip ring.

Attach PLAY behind your TV screen with the built-in magnet or sit in front of the TV confidently with its non-slip rubberised grip ring.

Easy source selection.

Navigation to your NDI® sources is an absolute breeze within the on-screen display, using your TV remote control.

Automatic source detection.

PLAY automatically scans your network for NDI® sources and brings them up on your TV.

CEC control. BYO remote.

The built-in CEC control lets you use your own remote to browse and play NDI® sources.

Free Software Tools.

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