Taking Live Event Productions to the Next Level.

Live events come in many different forms, each with their own unique requirements and challenges. One of the key benefits of BirdDog products is their versatility, making them well-suited for a wide range of live event types.


Concerts, for example, are one of the most popular types of live events, and they often require complex production setups with multiple cameras, audio sources, and lighting equipment. BirdDog products can help make these productions easier by offering fast and easy camera setup, flexible connectivity options, and advanced features like remote camera control.

Theatre Productions.

Theatre productions are another type of live event that can benefit from BirdDog products. These productions often require precise camera movements and lighting cues, and the ability to control multiple cameras from a central location is essential. BirdDog’s range of PTZ cameras and remote control software makes it easy to manage multiple cameras from a single location, streamlining the production process and ensuring a high-quality final product.

Hybrid Events.

Hybrid events, which combine both in-person and virtual elements, have become increasingly popular in recent years, and BirdDog products are well-suited for these types of productions. With multiple connection options, and incredible live production features such as Tally and NDI support, BirdDog cameras can help ensure a smooth and seamless hybrid event experience.


Conferences are yet another type of live event that can benefit from BirdDog products. These events often require the integration of multiple audio and video sources, such as presentations, panel discussions, and keynote speeches. BirdDog’s range of converters and accessories make it easy to connect different types of equipment and ensure a smooth and professional conference experience.

BirdDog on Tour with Carlos Vives.

Carlos Vives is one of the best-selling Latin music artists of all time, and recently on his Despues De Todo Tour, BirdDog’s cameras were brought along for the ride by Melissa Gordillo Video Engineer.

BirdDog goes on Rampage!

Rampage is the biggest Dubstep & Drum and Bass party in the world and the Jean-Baptise & Ittai from Slash9 Productions were there to capture the whole thing.

Bridging IP and SDI workflows.

Another way that BirdDog products make live event productions easy is through their ability to bridge the world of IP video using NDI and traditional SDI gear. NDI, or Network Device Interface, is a technology that allows for the transmission of high-quality video and audio over standard Ethernet networks. This technology has revolutionized the live event production industry by allowing for faster and more flexible workflows. BirdDog has fully embraced NDI technology, offering a range of products that are designed to seamlessly integrate with IP-based production systems.

At the same time, BirdDog recognizes that many live event production professionals still rely on traditional SDI gear for their workflows. That’s why BirdDog products are designed to bridge the gap between these two worlds, offering a range of converters and accessories that allow users to connect their SDI gear to an IP-based production system. This provides users with the flexibility to use the equipment they already have while taking advantage of the benefits of IP-based workflows.

The benefits of this bridging capability are numerous. For one, it allows for greater flexibility in terms of equipment choices. With the ability to connect traditional SDI gear to an IP-based system, users can choose the equipment that best fits their needs and preferences. Additionally, it allows for greater scalability in production workflows. With IP-based workflows, it is much easier to add or remove equipment as needed, making it easier to adapt to changing requirements or environments. Finally, the bridging capability of BirdDog products allows for faster and more efficient workflows. With the ability to transmit video and audio over standard Ethernet networks, production teams can save time and effort in setting up and configuring their equipment, allowing them to focus on delivering a high-quality live event.

NDI and BirdDog.

NDI® is a way of sending video and audio over low-cost Ethernet networks. But it’s so much more. With NDI® you get Tally which ‘just works’ when connected to any NDI® compatible switcher and metadata which can be used for all kinds of cool things. NDI® video can also be seen on multiple computers and destinations at the same time without the need for any specialist and expensive video equipment. The flexibility of NDI® is endless and is the future of live video production.

The BirdDog NDI® Advantage.

BirdDog was the first company in the world to develop a custom silicon chip to do NDI® encoding and decoding. This custom development has put BirdDog as far and away standout leaders in NDI® technology with a long list of world firsts including first NDI® hardware encoder, first NDI® hardware decoder first NDI® cameras, first NDI® Tally hardware, first NDI® audio intercom solution, first NDI® routing software, first NDI® video scopes, first NDI® auto-tracking for PTZ Cameras, and many more.

The Benefits of Using BirdDog Products?

Simplify Live Event Production.

BirdDog products are specifically designed to make live event productions easy. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design allow even those with little to no technical experience to operate the equipment efficiently. The products’ plug-and-play functionality enables users to connect and configure the devices seamlessly.

Seamless Video and Audio Transmission.

BirdDog’s NDI® technology offers high-quality video and audio transmission without the need for additional cabling. This technology ensures that the video and audio quality is not compromised during transmission, resulting in a seamless experience for the audience.

High-quality Video Output.

BirdDog products provide high-quality video output, allowing the audience to enjoy an immersive experience. The products are equipped with advanced features such as upscaling, de-interlacing, and noise reduction, ensuring the best possible output.

Reliable Performance.

BirdDog products are built to last, designed with durability and reliability in mind. The products’ robust construction ensures they can withstand the rigors of live event productions, providing users with peace of mind.


BirdDog products are scalable, making them ideal for both small and large-scale productions. The products can be easily integrated into existing systems, allowing users to expand their production capabilities effortlessly.

Unrivalled Compatibility.

When buying video gear you want to make sure it’s compatible with the widest range of gear on the market. As all BirdDog cameras offer NDI and Baseband SDI and/or HDMI there are no cameras available that are compatible with a wider range of products including:

Workflow Examples

Simply connect your P240 to your existing GigE switched network and deliver full-HD images with crystal clear, balanced audio to your remote presentation. The bi-directional nature of NDI means that, as stunning images and audio are busy leaving your camera, the SAME network cable can be used to provide powerful control, as well as power, TO your cameras. Use our free Cam Control software to remotely dial exactly the look you want using comprehensive color and exposure, and noise reduction tools. Fully adjustable facial and body recognition offers reliable, automatic tracking of your talent – perfect for broadcast studios, lecturer/teacher applications, house of worship, or any time the onair talent is moving. For more complex camera movement, the BirdDog PTZ Keyboard provides low-latency pan, tilt and zoom control of your P240. Easily decode your NDI back to HDMI for final display using our compact PLAY converters. Featuring comprehensive control support via RESTful API, Crestron, Zoom API or Q- SYS API, PLAY ensures the most professional presentation experience.

The incredibly flexible feature set of the P240 makes it an ideal camera for video podcasting. The superb low-light capability of the full-HD Sony sensor means you won’t have to spend a fortune on lighting to have your presenters look amazing. Plug your microphone directly into the phantom powered, balanced XLR connection to maintain pristine audio quality. Clearly visible camera Tally lights ensure that your presenters always know when they are on-air. Once connected to your existing PoE+ GigE network, the magic of NDI does the rest! The single cable Ethernet connection not only powers your camera but also provides you with complete remote control. Use our free Cam Control software to dial exactly the look you want using comprehensive color, exposure and noise reduction tools. If you have moving on-air talent, Cam Control has you covered with adjustable facial and body tracking. For more comprehensive pan, tilt and zoom control of your P240, simply add the BirdDog PTZ Keyboard. With the easy addition of OBS Studio or Wirecast software, your networked environment is now a powerful and flexible video podcast studio!

One of the powerful features of the P240 is the ability to simultaneously output video in NDI®, HDMI and 3G-SDI formats. This allows you to seamlessly slot your P240 into your SDI environment while still enjoying all the benefits that networked NDI video provides. While your SDI video is happily on its way to your broadcast infrastructure, NDI video can be separately processed and piped to anywhere you need it. Which means anywere on your network or anywhere you can run a single Ethernet cable! Simply add compact BirdDog PLAY converters and decode back to HDMI for easy display. Add BirdDog Multiview Pro software for professional multiview monitoring on a single display. Use our free Cam Control software to dial a completely different look for the NDI video using comprehensive color, exposure and noise reduction tools. The BirdDog PTZ Keyboard provides remote low-latency pan, tilt and zoom control of your cameras as well as Quick Access buttons and Preset recall of camera Exposure, Shutter Speed, Iris, Compensation, White Balance, Focus, PT Speed and Zoom Speed.

Sometimes less IS really more! BirdDog and NDI® make single cable connectivity a reality. Your camera placement no longer needs to be dictated by power or control access requirements. Now you can mount your P240s exactly where needed from the best production standpoint. A single Ethernet cable is all you need to receive full-HD images and pristine audio FROM your camera, as well as send control, and power, TO your camera. Use our free Cam Control software to dial exactly the look you want using comprehensive color, exposure and noise reduction tools. For productions featuring a single, moving presenter, Cam Control also helps you out with adjustable facial and body tracking. Need more manual control? The BirdDog PTZ Keyboard gives you lowlatency pan, tilt and zoom control of your cameras, as well as Preset recall of camera Exposure, Shutter Speed, Iris, Compensation, White Balance, Focus and Zoom Speed Add BirdDog Multiview Pro software for professional multiview monitoring on a single display, and team Central 2.0 with our compact PLAY converters to direct any number of your NDI® sources, to any number of display destinations.

BirdDog Together.

BirdDog is pleased to offer free Central Pro and Comms Pro worth $598 to all our Educational, House of Worship, and Not for Profit customers.

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Free Software Tools.

Cam Control.

Cam Control allows easy access to all settings of all the BirdDog cameras on your network. Get the look you want on the full screen output monitor and then copy across multiple cameras to colour match in seconds.

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Central 2.0 Lite.

Central 2.0 ushers in a new era of NDI® routing control. Browser-based with SSO support, smart grouping of NDI® receivers, real-time NDI® routing, media playback engine, and support for thousands of sources, Central 2.0 is your ultimate NDI® management tool.

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Comms Lite.

Comms Lite is your free Audio Intercom solution. With support for four BirdDog devices, plus a director, Comms Lite is a great way to start using Audio Intercom in your live productions.

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