The all-new BirdDog User Interface with NDI® 5 support.

BirdUI is the easiest and fastest way to access all the functions of your BirdDog hardware devices, all within a beautiful and intuitive interface. A browser-based application, it can be accessed from anywhere on the same network as the BirdDog device.

Available for ALL BirdDog Cameras in June. Converter support in August.

NDI® 5 support.

BirdUI brings native NDI® 5 support for maximum compatibility across the entire NDI® ecosystem.

Heads up display.

System statistics including the number of active connections, current bandwidth usage, and network traffic are presented to monitor the device and network without having to login.

Backstage pass.

Once logged in you have total control over all settings including output formats, resolutions, and frame rates.

RUDP. Trust us, it’s awesome.

Reliable User Datagram Protocol (now you know why we say RUDP) reduces overall network load as not every packet needs to be acknowledged by every receiver. RUDP has error correction built in for smoothness and maximum reliability so you can be confident your packets are getting to where they need to go.

NDI® Genlock. Let that Sync in.

With NDI® Genlock you can select any NDI® source to be the timing master for your fleet of P110 or P120 cameras – allowing them all to operate off the same time-base, providing more predictable timing in multi camera environments. Perfect for greater continuity when recording concerts, conferences, and live productions.

Do not believe it to be a matter of hope, it is simply a matter of time.

NDI® Video Scopes.

All BirdDog cameras can generate scopes in camera which can be sent out as overlays on the Full NDI® stream and the NDI® Proxy. Scope options include Waveform, RGB Parade, Vectorscope, and Histogram. You can choose which streams you wish the overlays to be on, or turn them off altogether. This means you can send an overlay scope on the NDI® Proxy stream will still maintaining a pristine NDI feed for a clean end to end production workflow.

3 extra features for cameras.

PTZ Control.

Within the BirdUI you can control your BirdDog Camera functions including Pan, Tilt, and Zoom with speed control settings for each function. You can also save and recall camera preset positions.

Cam Control.

BirdUI gives full access to the Colour settings of your BirdDog camera so you can access the Colour Matrix tools applicable to your camera including the Kelvin Controls found in P100, PF120, P110, and P120.

FreeD. For free.

FreeD is a protocol for sending PTZ positioning data to AR/VR systems including Unreal Engine, Brainstorm, Vizrt’s Viz Virtual Studio, and many more. It’s all built right into BirdUI.

FreeD function is currently in beta. Final release coming soon.

NDI mute.

Toggle off the live NDI stream in the BirdUI and display your choice of static image. Choose from BirdDog splash screen, black image, or a live capture from the NDI stream.

NDI Discovery Server Failover.

BirdUI allows you to choose multiple discovery server failover paths for maximum reliability. Simply type in the IP address of each machine on the network running discovery server, separated by a comma, and you are all set.

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