A true blue partnership.

Created by Australian company Audinate, Dante® is the leading AV-over-IP solution in the world, found in over 2000 products from more than 400 manufacturers. BirdDog’s partnership with Audinate will bring Dante® support to all hardware product lines, Dante® integration into Comms Pro, and see a new Dante NDI Bridge application released for splitting Dante® audio out of NDI® and for re-inserting Dante® back into the NDI® stream. Now that’s fair dinkum.

Dante NDI Bridge.
The Grass is greener on both sides.

Dante NDI Bridge is a Windows 10 application for flipping audio tracks between NDI® and Dante®. With support for up to 4 stereo pairs, Dante NDI Bridge can receive 4 NDI® streams and create 4 stereo pairs of Dante® audio, or receive a single NDI® stream and create 4 Dante® stereo audio pairs. All this in sub-frame latency and of course, the same applies in reverse.

Dante NDI Bridge is now available for $129.

Dante for Comms Pro.

Dante® integration opens up a whole new world to Comms Pro, BirdDog’s revolutionary audio intercom system. Now you can use hardware from other manufacturers such as Dante® enabled belt packs, Dante® enabled Comms boxes and so much more.

Dante for Comms Pro will be shipping soon for $129.

Dante. Coming soon to a BirdDog near you.

BirdDog will support Dante® audio on all hardware products including Studio NDI, Mini, 4K Converters, Wallplates, SDM Modules, and the PTZ range of cameras. If there is an audio input on the BirdDog then you can input Dante® audio and stream out as NDI®. If there is an audio output on the BirdDog then you can convert the audio tracks from the NDI® stream to Dante® audio.

Dante for BirdDog hardware is shipping soon for $69.

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