MAKI Ultra. Make a Killer Image.

Introducing the groundbreaking MAKI Ultra NDI® | HX3 camera, where compact innovation meets potent performance.

This powerhouse combines lightning-fast autofocus and 4K60 capabilities, ensuring you capture every moment with stunning precision.

Intuitive physical buttons located on the side of the camera give you seamless control, immerse yourself in your creative zone without being bogged down by technicalities.

Featuring BirdDog’s HALO Tally system, MAKI Ultra makes it simple and clear to see which camera is live on air at any time.

MAKI Ultra comes in two models. Choose between 12x and 20x zoom options to tailor your shooting experience.

Compact. Yet Mighty.

The MAKI Ultra boasts a compact footprint helping you capture those unusual and engaging camera angles with ease. With MAKI Ultra you can deliver killer POV shots that put your audience right in the game at eSports events, or attach MAKI Ultra to a band rig to capture incredible angles of your drummers or instrumentalists, be they in a band or a house of worship. Wherever the action is, MAKI Ultra ensures you never miss a beat.

Super-Fast Autofocus.
Keeping Pace with Your Vision.

It’s fast AF. MAKI Ultra’s super-fast autofocus is a game-changer for dynamic content and fast-paced environments. Equipped with a ToF sensor and powered by advanced automatic focusing algorithms, MAKI Ultra ensures rapid and accurate autofocus. Whether your subjects are zipping across the frame or moving closer and further away from the camera, MAKI Ultra keeps them sharp and in focus. Every. Single. Time.

4K60. Capture Every Moment with Ultra Detail.

With its 4K60 capabilities, MAKI Ultra expands your options on what and how you capture content. From fast-moving action shots to incredible detail in low-light sets, you can get all the detail thanks to MAKI Ultra’s high frame rate and advanced image processing capabilities.

NDI® | HX3.
Enhanced Performance on More Networks.

MAKI Ultra delivers superior network performance via NDI® | HX3 integration. Significantly reducing network impact while maintaining excellent image quality, meaning it’s more friendly in more network environments. BirdDog’s NDI® | HX3 surpasses certification parameters, delivering quality and performance you can count on.

On-board Buttons.
Let Your Digits Take Control.

MAKI Ultra’s intuitive physical buttons means that once you’ve set it up, you can just reach in and make quick adjustments to Zoom and Focus, and access to the onscreen menu. No awkwardly placed controls or a walk back to your controller. One and done. And on to the next task.


MAKI Ultra’s baseband 3G-SDI and HDMI connectivity means it can be easily included in your existing production set-up. Connect with tech like video switchers, SDI converters, HDMI products, and many more.

USB Webcam.

MAKI Ultra features USB-C for connecting directly to (deep breath) Zoom, Teams, Barco Clickshare, Google Meet, Webex, GoTo Meeting, BlueJeans, Slack, and more. Safe to say, if you have an app that works with a USB Web Camera, you can supercharge it with MAKI Ultra.

Advanced Production Features.

Colour Matrix.

Dialling in all your cameras changes your production quality from good to great. Level up your game with included Colour Matrix controls. MAKI Ultra has individual gain control over Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Yellow and Magenta, all with 64 levels of control for ultra precision.

Flexible Power.

MAKI Ultra can be powered in several ways via the included DC power supply or PoE. With under 15W PoE requirement it makes it not only convenient but cost effective on infrastructure owing to its low power consumption.

Advanced Features in BirdUI.

BirdUI is our web browser based gateway to your camera. It gives access to all the functions of your MAKI Ultra, within a beautiful and intuitive interface on any device, anywhere on the network. BirdUI adds features including a dashboard for monitoring the camera and light/dark modes to suit your production environment.

NDI® Mute.

This function allows for muting of the NDI ® stream on the network. Perfect for meeting spaces, public spaces, classrooms, and any time some privacy is needed.

Free Software Tools.

NDI Control for iPad and iPhone.

Full control of your BirdDog camera, all from a super-easy to use iPad/iPhone app. Zoom In and Out, save and recall pre-set positions, preview your cameras in full screen, and access all the colour matrix tools and settings for your BirdDog camera.

Click here for more information.

5 Year Warranty.

BirdDog cameras feature a 5-year global warranty. BirdDog prides itself on delivering the best possible products to customers, but if something was to go wrong, you can rest assured knowing that no matter where in the world you are, BirdDog has your back.

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