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BirdDog helps Harvard University move to NDI

Harvard University has the largest athletics program in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) with 42 teams competing in Division 1. They produce and broadcast almost all home games which amounts to about 300 broadcasts a year!

Imry Halevi, Assistant Athletic Director for Multimedia and Production, details his BirdDog journey from traditional baseband video to an NDI solution.

Moving to Native NDI

It’s always gratifying for us when our customers experience the benefits of an NDI solution. Imry has enjoyed the convenience of having a native IP workflow built right into BirdDog products.

“Historically we’ve used baseband video and run fiber optic and copper cable between our facilities for camera and audio feeds, but over the last few years we’ve really started relying more on IP technology such as Dante for audio and NDI for video.

We’ve had our usual baseband SDI cameras connected to NDI converters and run those to our control rooms, but this year we’ve decided to try cameras with built-in NDI capabilities and that’s where BirdDog has come in. Our goal is to rely on NDI more and more, and the best way to do that is just using cameras with built-in NDI and BirdDog has a very large collection of those that we’re looking forward to trying out”.

Love for the Weatherproof A200

Our popular P series cameras get a lot of attention, but for permanent, come rain, hail or shine outdoor installations, you can’t beat our A series cameras.

“We’ve purchased a few of the BirdDog A200 cameras which allow us to mount them permanently at our facilities and control them remotely. We can sit at our control room and remotely control these cameras, get the feeds into our switcher and into our replay system while placing our commentators wherever they need to be on campus”.

We’re really looking to utilize a broader range of BirdDog cameras. We’ve just purchased our first P200 camera and we’re looking at the 4K line and definitely some of the Mini decoders to connect to more of our monitors around the facility”.

BirdDog Support Impresses Again

At BirdDog we try hard to be approachable and are tireless in our efforts to ensure our customers have a great experience. We love this technology and we want our customers to love it too!

“BirdDog has been amazing to work with. We had some issues connecting our cameras to our campus network and BirdDog was there – on the phone with us, on chat with us, on email with us, day and night, making sure that any problems we have are solved right away”.


Equipment used at Harvard Athletics:

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