Pictureimage helps Leyton Orient Football Club stream online with BirdDog and NDI® – BirdDog

Pictureimage helps Leyton Orient Football Club stream online with BirdDog and NDI®

Based out of London in the UK, Pictureimage is a leading broadcast consultancy firm. When Leyton Orient needed to add additional valuable matchday content into their existing streaming offering they turned to Chris and the team to design them a new broadcast studio.

When presented with the task at hand, Chris knew this was a job for NDI and turned to vMix and BirdDog to make it all come together.

“LOFC needed a high-quality system but also needed to stay within a budget. NDI, vMix, and BirdDog P100 cameras made for the perfect solution,” said Chris Pearman, Founder of Pictureimage.


The presenters sit in front a of a green screen with a relatively simple lighting set up to deliver pre-game, half-time and post-game insight on the game and then use vMix to create virtual sets. In this situation high quality cameras were paramount to ensure a good chromakey and overall result.



“It’s all well and good to use virtual sets but without high quality cameras the results just won’t be there,” said Chris. “I’ve been blown away by how good the results have been with the BirdDog P100. They really are fantastic cameras for the price.”

Because of the COVID-19 social distancing requirements, a third BirdDog P100 camera is used to interview players and coaches in another room.

“This is where NDI and the BirdDog cameras provide the ultimate flexibility. We just run a single ethernet cable to the other room and can have that coming into the master control room super easily. If we need to move this around it’s super simple compared to an old school baseband video set up”





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