NDI Multiview PRO


Windows & macOS Versions.

NDI Multiview licence is a one time cost with no ongoing renewal fees or subscriptions. Enjoy!

NDI Multiview has been designed to be incredibly powerful and super intuitive to use. Create an NDI Multiview stream in a matter of seconds. Simply select the Multiview layout of your choice, select which NDI® source you want in each window, and select which overlays you wish to see. Toggle on the NDI® switch and you are sending a Multiview window out as a standard NDI® source. Yes. It really is that easy.


Available for macOS and Windows

  • Windows version: 10 and above.
    Intel Core i7 series processor and above recommended.
  • macOS version: 12 and above.
    M1 and above recommended.
    Current macOS version is compatible with Sonoma.

Graphics Card with OpenGL support.

  • Windows: NVIDIA devices can use GPU rendering (Cuda).
  • macOS: Can use GPU rendering (Metal).

Note: an active internet connection is required for licence activation/de-activation.

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