BirdDog Cloud 10 & Adobe Plugin.

BirdDog Cloud 10, the next generation of BirdDog’s globally connected advanced media platform, is the fastest and easiest way to expand outside your local network to distribute your content to anywhere in the world.

BirdDog’s new Adobe Plugin allows Adobe Creative Cloud users to directly connect to BirdDog Cloud Connect series of iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android Mobile, and Android TV apps without having to leave the Adobe Interface.

7 New Features, Available now.

Cloud Connect.

This is Cloud Connect. The game-changing, globally scalable, totally interconnected video workflow with apps across Apple TV, Android TV, Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS.

Over-the-shoulder editing has never been more portable. With direct integration to Adobe Premiere Mercury Transmit, you can instantly connect to a live edit session from anywhere in the world. Easily and interactively switch between full screen and split stream views to monitor the edit and communicate live with the built-in videoconferencing system directly to the editor’s timeline.


Silicon 2 will be a free update for all BirdDog P series and A series HD cameras, including P100, P110, P120, PF120, P200, P240, A200 Gen 2, and A300 Gen 2.

Silicon 2 adds h.264, NDI® HX2, NDI® HX3, SRT, RTMP, RTSP.

All cameras will be able to send a Full NDI® stream and one of any of the Silicon 2 high-efficiency updates simultaneously, delivering workflow flexibility like never before. For example, you can send Full NDI® and SRT, or Full NDI® and NDI® HX3 at the same time.

Available Now.

API 2.0

Crestron Electronics: Dive into the world of seamless workflows. BirdDog’s API brings together our top-notch cameras, converters, and software right into the Crestron ecosystem. Unlock unparalleled integration and blend your setups effortlessly.

QSC: BirdDog proudly announces updated integration with Q-SYS for our camera and converter product line. Unleash the power of our industry-leading API for smoother video workflows in Q-SYS. Experience the magic of complete state and status updates, empowering stunning interfaces in Q-SYS UCI Viewer.


To celebrate ISE 2024, we’re giving away two BirdDog PLAY’s!

Visit us at booth 5C330 to enter the chance to win.


Meet PLAY, the newest and smallest HD & 4K NDI® Player with full support for NDI® 5. Now connections are a breeze, simply connect PLAY to your NDI® network, plug it into your TV via HDMI, and use your own remote to browse sources and instantly connect. PLAY now supports SRT and integrated BirdDog Cloud Connect connectivity.

Combine with BirdDog VideoWall to create fully networked and low-cost video wall displays.


Fleet Manager makes life easy for managing, monitoring, and updating BirdDog deployments. Each BirdDog device shows up automatically inside Fleet Manager giving instant access to all relevant device information including Status, IP Address, Subnet, Device Name, Stream Name, Serial Number, Firmware Version, MCU Version for PTZ cameras, and more. When new firmware is available, Fleet Manager will show an alert, and you can update the firmware directly to your devices without ever leaving the Fleet Manager interface.


The Game-Changing Camera Just Got More Game. Building upon the NDI® PTZ category defining P200, the all new P240 introduces an updated Sony Exmor R broadcast sensor to deliver increased light sensitivity, and best-in-class image quality and performance. P240 offers three output options including NDI®, SDI, and HDMI for ultimate video flexibility while Balanced XLR audio adds professional audio connections.


BirdDog’s NDI Converters line offers a versatile range of encoder and decoder solutions designed to bridge the gap between different video formats, including both 4K and HD.

Whether you need to encode or decode high-definition or ultra-high-definition content, BirdDog’s NDI Converters provide reliable and efficient solutions to ensure your video signals flow smoothly across various platforms and workflows, fostering seamless communication and collaboration in the world of digital media production.


NDI® TV Monitor is an app that turns your Android enabled TV into an NDI® Monitor.

Use your remote to browse NDI sources which appear automatically on your TV equipped with Android directly, or via Chromecast with Google TV device.
NDI® TV Monitor is free to receive and view direct BirdDog sources, with in-app purchase options for other NDI sources.


Android TV Monitor is available now (for free) for BirdDog device viewing, from the Google Play Store, $49.99 USD to unlock the watermark on non-BirdDog sources.


Complex Video Walls Made Easy.

VideoWall is a simple, yet powerful way to display NDI® and NDI® HX video files across multiple screens to create live, realtime video walls. Simply choose either a 2×2 or 3×3 screen layout, assign your BirdDog PLAY or SDM to each screen and instantly receive any NDI® source to the VideoWall.

NDI PTZ Control.

NDI® PTZ Control is the ultimate iOS app for all NDI® users. Featuring full Pan, Tilt, Zoom control including a live joystick, pre-set PTZ positions save and recall. There is a full screen viewing monitor to easily check and monitor any Full NDI®, NDI® HX2, and NDI® HX3 source on the network.

NDI PTZ Control is available now from the App Store for $19.99 USD.
Android version coming soon.


Central 2.0 ushers in a new era of NDI® routing control. Browser-based with SSO support, smart grouping of NDI® receivers, real-time NDI® routing, media playback engine, and support for thousands of sources, Central 2.0 is your ultimate NDI® management tool.


The BirdDog P4k camera is your ultimate 4K solution when you need to capture brilliance in low light settings. Engineered to pick up every detail, with a high-quality low-light sensor that ensures your content shines (even if the lights aren’t). Start the year with a bang – level up with a BirdDog P4k today.

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