Encode. Decode. Stream. Monitor. Record.

Core 5 and Core 7 live at the very heart of your live production and offers format flexibility never seen before. Convert any SDI or HDMI signal live into your choice of NDI®, NDI®|HX2, NDI®|HX3, SRT, H.264, HEVC/H.265, RTMP, or RTSP in up to 4Kp60. Record files to the USB-C port. Add a Cloud Connect licence and you have a globally connected camera with super low latency. The High Bright screens are viewable in direct sunlight and the video analysis tools include vector scopes, Waveform, RGB parade, and more, while the SFP+ port allows for a direct 10GbE connection over copper or Fiber for ultra-long runs.

Coming soon, 2023.

Core 5 and Core 7.
The Ultimate Camera Sidekick.

Core 5 and Core 7 are a multi-purpose tool for every camera. Use as a video monitor, use as a cross converter, a video analysis tool, an NDI encoder, an encoder to streaming formats like H.264 or HEVC. It’s kind of like having Robin, Chewbacca, Goose, and Milhouse all in one.

Core 5. Core 7. Same Same but different.

Core 5 and Core 7 are almost identical twins with the only differences being physical. Core 5 features a gorgeous 5.5” screen while Core 7 has (drum roll please) a 7” screen. Core 7 additionally features an etherCON connection for added connection dependability, an additional bi-directional 12G SDI connector, and an aircraft-grade aluminium chassis.

High Bright Screens.

Daylight viewable high bright screens give full confidence monitoring even in direct sunlight.

USB Recording & NDI® Encoding.

Connect any qualified USB-C media and record native NDI® files for post editing, or send live ultra low latency high quality video over Ethernet.

Easy Mounting.

¼-20” female threads top and bottom make mounting Core a total breeze.


Core has an unrivalled NDI hardware processing engine, delivering multiple configuration options for maximum flexibility.

Cloud Connect your Core.

By adding a BirdDog Cloud subscription, you can access Core and the incoming video feeds from anywhere in the world to view the camera feed with no computers needed.  For more information about BirdDog Cloud click here.

Format support. It’s a long list.

Core supports an insane amount of video output formats including:

The world’s highest quality NDI®, NDI®|HX3, NDI®|HX2, SRT, BirdDog Cloud Connect, RTMP, H.264, HEVC, HEVC Main 10, HEVC 4:2:2 Main 10.

Buttons. Keep your screen clean.

Core 5 and Core 7 feature buttons to access the features so you can keep your screen clean. It also means you can drive them via muscle memory without taking your eyes off the road. Change settings, not your focus.

Heads up display.

System statistics including the number of active connections, current bandwidth usage, and network traffic are presented to monitor the device and network without having to login.

Access all areas backstage pass.

Once logged in you have total control over all settings including output formats, resolutions, and frame rates.

RUDP. Trust us, it’s awesome.

Reliable User Datagram Protocol (now you know why we say RUDP) reduces overall network load as not every packet needs to be acknowledged by every receiver. RUDP has error correction built in for smoothness and maximum reliability so you can be confident your packets are getting to where they need to go.

NDI® Genlock. Let that Sync in.

With NDI® Genlock you can select any NDI® source to be the timing master for your fleet of P110 or P120 cameras – allowing them all to operate off the same time-base, providing more predictable timing in multi camera environments. Perfect for greater continuity when recording concerts, conferences, and live productions.

Do not believe it to be a matter of hope, it is simply a matter of time.

NDI® Video Scopes.

All Core can generate scopes to send out as NDI®, NDI® Proxy, or both. This allows for monitoring scopes on the NDI® Proxy while sending a clean main NDI® feed simultaneously. Choose from Histogram, Waveform, Vectorscope, or RGB Parade and the position on the NDI® stream.


Industry standard SFP+ connection allows for short, medium, and long range connections over fiber and supports Ethernet protocols from 1GbE to 10GbE.

Huge Tally Light.

The huge Tally light on the reverse side to the monitor, you know facing the talent, requires zero configuration.

Core 7 comes with 4 additional features.


The etherCON connector is a ruggedised and locking RJ45 connector for maximum connection reliability.

Balanced XLR.

Balanced audio over XLR is supplied via the included audio breakout cable.

Zero Latency Loop.

An additional 12G SDI port adds an E-to-E, zero-latency loop out.

Aircraft Grade Aluminium Chassis.

Built for life on the road, Core 7 is a total beast.

BirdDog Together.

BirdDog is pleased to offer free Central Pro and Comms Pro worth $598 to all our Educational, House of Worship, and Not for Profit customers.

Click here for more information.

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